Scholarship Fund

David Jeffrey Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Here are your scholarship recipients for the David Jeffrey Smith Memorial Scholarship for 2018:

Hanna Emery, daughter of Chris Emery

Andrea Galloway, daughter of Bob Galloway

Alyssa Holley, daughter of Mike Mee

Matthew Janca, son of Mike Janca

Faith McDorman, daughter of Dale McDorman

Ben Price, son of Dominic Price

Morrissa Sovis, daughter of Mike Sovis


Section 1. Procedure

Any Local 85 member or dependent desiring a scholarship shall submit in writing his or her name and the educational institution which he or she attends or desires to attend. The letter should also include a short essay on how being affiliated with the International Union of Elevator Constructors has impacted their life.  This essay will have no effect on the award of the scholarship but is a requirement. Request and essay shall be sent to:

David Jeff Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

c/o Elevator Constructors, Local 85

15694 S. US 27

Lansing, MI  48906

All applicants must have their requests on file by August 1st, 2019 in order to be eligible.


Section 2. Eligibility

Local 85 members and their dependents shall be eligible to receive a scholarship. Only one scholarship is available per person, per lifetime.  First to be considered for a scholarship will be a son or daughter of a member, then a spouse and lastly a member.

A dependent is defined as a son, daughter or spouse.

The scholarship shall be awarded at the Family Union Meeting in 2019.


Section 3. All rules are in the Scholarship Trust Agreement dated the 31st day of March, 2015 and shall be kept in the Union Office and are available for all members to read.